NPR One for Cars

Visual Design, Interaction Design, UX Research


Extend NPR One reach to top automotive smartphone projection telematics/entertainment systems.

Design Research

I studied automotive HCI research, platform development guidelines, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (via to help NPR create an organizational opinion on simple-HMI design.

UX Strategy & Vision

I created app structure diagrams, wireframes and prototypes to visualize the design principles. I balanced user goals with business goals to drive decision making.

Visual Design

Using a simplified design framework and flattened app structure, I created simple designs with an emphasis on driver safety and simplicity of use.

Planning & Scope Definition

My research helped prioritize and negotiate features for launch and beyond.

NPR One on Android Auto
NPR One on CarPlay

Android Auto launched in 2015. CarPlay launched in January 2016.

NPR One received a Google Material Design award for Platform Adaptiveness in 2017